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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lassen National Park

Still hoping to get my 100 days in for the season I thought I'd head home from Shasta through Mt Lassen National Park (making it 3 weekends skiing in the park in a row) and stretch the legs a little after yesterday's big climb/ski. The weather was looking kinda iffy as I headed out from Shasta City but I decided to go for it and was rewarded when I discovered it was one of the "Visit Your National Parks for Free" weekends and saved the $10 entry fee.

I'd been eyeing some short steep lines across the street from the main summit on previous trips and decided to make a quick run up one I haven't skied before. Good snow, legs feeling good!!

Hard to believe Rick, Erin, Adam, and I skied this face 8 days ago. A bit of new snow up high!

There's a bunch of short steep lines like this one across the street from the peak. I hadn't skied this one before, perfect for stretching the legs!