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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mt Lassen - East Couloir

The road through Mt Lassen National Park opened last Thursday afternoon so a bunch of us that were on the ill fated Mt Lassen trip last Memorial Day weekend planned to head up for a weekend of skiing. Unfortunately, the weather around here has been rainy with thunder showers and more of the same was forecast through the weekend.

As the weekend approached the weather forecast started looking more promising. Snow was forecast for Friday/Friday night, 50% chance of showers on Saturday, and partly sunny for Sunday! Saturday's forecast held, 10% chance of showers on Sunday so I decided to head up, although no one else seemed inspired to leave with me in the rain on Saturday morning.

Well, the rain stopped before I got to Susanville and I didn't see any more rain for the weekend. Coverage is great in the park, the skies were sunny, and the snow was great. I decided to ski the East Couloir which isn't often skiable by the time the road opens. It involved some slide slipping over rocks 1/3 of the way down, but was a great ski!

A damp Manzanita Lake campground, this seem familiar

Blue skies @ the summit trail parking lot!

Knee deep powder :)

Up top, Shasta looking good!

I'm sure there's a way through those rocks!

The East Couloir