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Saturday, April 18, 2009

South Couloir off Dunderburg Peak

It's spring time, ski resorts are starting to close, which means some of the best skiing of the year is coming into shape!! Spring is the time to head down to the East Sierra and ski come couloirs! Word was out that Virginia Lakes Rd is open (sort of, the sign still kinda says road closed, but it's over to the side and easy to ignore :) and that south facing lines are corning up. South facing stuff tends to burn out quickly this time of year, so it was a great importunity to ski a line that probably won't last much longer in perfect conditions.

The South Couloir off Dunderburg Peak is a little over 2000vf. I started at 8am and skinned up about 800 feet before switching to crampons and booted up to the saddle between the peaks. Scoped out some stuff on the north side while waiting for the couloir to soften up, total climb of 2500vf.

As I started my descent around 11:30 I ran into a group of 3 women who came up behind me who were waiting for their friend Jen who has a hurt ankle, they told me tell her they had beer waiting for her :) Hmm, I know a Jen with a hurt ankle, and sure enough after I few turns I ran into her! Great to see Jen out there getting after it again!

The skiing couldn't have been more perfect, awesome corn all the way down!

Heading up

The poor telemarker in the top of this picture broke her binding, I've seen more broken telemark bindings in the backcountry then AT bindings, that's for sure!

Looking back at the couloir