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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mount Lassen 6/12-14/2009

Rick, Erin, Adam, and I decided to brave the rain/thunder showers and headed up to Mt Lassen for the weekend. We were chased off the mountain on Saturday by weather moving in but skied a great run down the South Face and then skied a couple fun runs across the street from the summit parking lot (as featured in the video below).

Despite some threatening weather we made it to the top on Sunday and were able to ski the NE face back down to the car we had left in the Devastated Area parking lot. We had to hike down about 1000 feet from the end of the snow, so around 3000' of skiing!

As always, we ate extremely well, this trip's menu included grilled chicken salad with peanut sauce; scrambled eggs and sausage; buffalo burgers; marinated flank steak, corn cooked over the fire, sauteed veggies with peanut sauce, and potatoes; and sourdough blueberry pancakes and bacon!