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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Do I really have to leave?

Hanging out in an Internet cafe in Santiago, flight out tonight. I'll post a few pics from the last couple days when I get back to the States, got a day in at each Valle Nevado and La Parva this week, classic spring skiing. Managed 7 different ski areas, and tons 'o fun this trip, I love Chile and Argentina.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Termas de Chillan

I told Tom L in Bariloche that Termas de Chillan was really going to have to deliver something special to keep its title as my favorite South American ski hill, Cerro Catedral was just so great. Well, after seeing the sun rising on the way back to the Hotel early Sunday AM we got about 4 hours of sleep and then headed South for Las Trancas. About an hour after getting to Cabanas Los Andes there was a knock on our door and it was Sarah from Casa tours, just arriving with her group that was going to be there for the same 5 nights as us.

All I can say is Termas de Chillan delivered big time. A few warm up runs on Monday as all the upper lifts were closed due to wind. Then it started raining and rained hard down in Las Trancas all night. Tuesday was amazing, not super deep but super consistent and creamy, amazing skiing. Not a lot of lifts open but great steep lines down the Elephante, ran into the Cinncinati ski club again and showed them some fun lines, and hiked up from the Don Otto mid-station for a few Piragallo runs. Sarah said it was the best day of the season.

The next day Tom G and I climbed the volcano, his first effort at something like that. Great ski run down, ~5700 vf ski. Our final day we did some runs out past the Tres Maria, good snow on the lee sides of the gullies. I ended up with one last Piragallo run.

We had dinner a couple nights with the Casa crew, joined them for an adventure out to the MI Lodge for a friend of a couple client's birthday. Met a bunch of other nice folks, Las Trancas and Termas de Chillan is just such a great place, mellow scene, fantastic skiing, what more could you ask for?

Tom skiing the steeps on the Elephante

Short hike up from the Don Otto mid-station to the Piragallo, volcano in the background

Self portrait at the top of the volcano

Here comes Tom, I think I can hear him cursing me at this point, but the run down will more then make up for it!!

Where else but Termas de Chillan would you run into two cutties with Dynafits on fat skis skinning up as you ski off the top of a volcano?

Lindsy on the way up. This woman rips it up!

Birthday party at the MI Lodge

Old friends, two folks very responsible for my Termas de Chillan addiction (Sarah and our driver from last year, Angelo)