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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Back in Ushuaia

We're back in Ushuaia after a very "lake" like crossing of the Drake Passage which allowed copious amounts of alcohol to be consumed the last couple nights and enough time for us to head over to the Pacific Ocean and see the Cape Horn as we crossed back to the Atlantic. My favorite quote from yesterday morning:

Client: "Isn't there a certain distance you have to stay away from the Cape?"
Lori (expedition leader): "Yes, 12 miles"
Client: "How far are we now?"
Lori: "About 3 miles"

I'll be sorting through the 100s of pictures I took and creating a full trip report as time permits. All I can say is I'm speechless at just how amazing our trip was. The weather was perfect, the skiing was great, the friendships will last the rest of our lives. Doug Stoup and Karyn Stanley just pulled off something quite incredible, huge thanks to them and the Quark Expeditions and Clipper Adventurer staff for a true "trip if a lifetime!"

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