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Monday, November 9, 2009

I can see Antarctica!!!

Finally, about 62 hours after leaving Ushuaia, woke up this morning to see Antarctica off in the distance. It's more amazing then I could have imagined! The crossing has been interesting to say the least, we've definitely had some "shake" along the way. I haven't felt that bad, but Saturday I could only spend an hour or two up and about before I'd need to lie down again and I wasn't able to keep any food down (I'd feel fine until I try to eat something). Yesterday was much better, ate lunch and dinner and didn't feel that bad at all, even when they pulled in the stabilizers to speed us up. We've had a strong head wind most of the crossing so it's been a bit slower then expected and we're looking for somewhere out of the wind so we can get on shore and ski today (we're on to plan E according to the last announcement).

Internet is expensive, but I'll try to get a picture our two up once I've got something worthy of $1 a megabyte.