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Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Gangs All Here

The trip "officially" started today with our ski groups meeting for some "on snow" time followed by a big dinner tonight, but it's really been going on ever since I stepped out of customs in Buenos Aires and started running into folks from last year's trip. I'm really excited about my ski group. Our guide is Dan Starr from Jackson, WY and our group is myself, in the infamous mono skier Lee "Dooby" from Tahoe, Sean Busby from Utah, and Josh from Denver. Dan is new this year, the rest of us were all on the trip last year and we all seem to be a great match, similar motivation and desires. Today we headed up to the Martial Glacier to practice some roped traveling, glacier rescue, self arrest, and beacon searches.

The skiing on the Glacier has been great too, I headed up yesterday to make some first "real" turns of the year (Boreal WROD just doesn't quite count), a little fresh snow on a nice carvable base.

The energy here is amazing, it's hard to believe, but I'm gonna say even better then last year. Ushuaia is starting to feel like my second home, it's great to see all the people who have returned, and the new additions are fitting right in.

We board the boat tomorrow at 3, so I'll make one more update and then we're off!

BTW, the Drake is still looking "reasonable" if maybe not "lake" like for our crossing :)

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