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Monday, February 16, 2009

Mica Day 7

Final day, only able to ski until 1pm, so we decided to go for an 8am start to maximize our day. 4 decided not to ski today, so only 2 groups. I was with Pat, Mark, and Ryan skiing with Cliff. Still hunting for good snow, groups split up a bit find our lines. Cliff decided to open a final run, a run that hadn't been skied in 3 years (its fun when you see the guide really getting excited about a run :). More fantastic skiing, right up until then end!

Morning light

Some of our tracks from yesterday, including Rob, Me, EA, and Marc straight lining the top of a run

Tracks in the top of the run we opened to end the trip

And the view from the top of our last run as we headed back towards the lodge