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Monday, February 2, 2009

Broken Glass Bowl and Tree Skiing

Well, it definitely got a lot warmer Friday through today and I was sure that the weekend warriors would have gotten to much of the near road untracked still left in the Mt Rose area, but it's my birthday, and SAC's report this AM said: "...very enjoyable unconsolidated snow surface conditions remain in wind sheltered areas on NW-N-NE aspects" so I headed out to check it out.

I first headed up Tamarack Peak and then back to Broken Glass bowl figuring it wouldn't be as skied out since it's a bit further back. Still a bunch of tracks, and the snow was "variable" up top to say the least. But as I got lower and into the trees I found that "very enjoyable" snow. So, I decided to do some mini laps as I worked my way back towards the car, skiing the nice snow in the trees, and found plenty of it to have some fun!

Getting into the trees at the bottom of Broken Glass Bowl the snow was GOOD!

Galena Falls, one of my favorite short summer hikes

More fun turns in the trees

And some more