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Friday, May 18, 2007

Lassen Car Shuttle

Today Rick D and I did the Lassen summit/car shuttle ski. This is a great trip, with the road through the park opening today (actually, it was open yesterday afternoon when I arrived too) you can park a car at the Devestated Area, ~4000 feet below the summit, then drive up ~2000 feet to the summit trail, climb ~2000 feet to the summit and ski back to the car. We ended up having to hike down about ~400 verticle feet on dirt, so ~3600 feet of skiing for 2000 feet of climbing. It's a great run, nice and steep right off the summit and then opens up for some great spring corn turns.

Rick reaches the summit

Our ski run below. We went straight down, then veered right to the edge of the trees and followed that down to the road

Rick heading down

Looking back up at the NE side of the mountain, a CLASSIC!