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Double Fine Adventure – Ron Gilbert on Kickstarter

2012 February 9
by Rick

Honestly, I’m not really all that into computer games (I bought a Wii over a year ago and it’s still sitting in its box).  But I did work for a computer game company back in the 90s.  During that time I had the pleasure of helping Ron Gilbert, Chris Taylor, and the Total Annihilation team develop a web presence for the game before it launched and maintain the website as the game came out and expansion packs were released on the site.  I learned a lot about building and maintaining a high traffic website during those days, more than once the release of a new preview or expansion to the game crashed our poor old web servers (we initially were on a T1 line with a dual 200mhz processor server, probably about 512k ram).

So, I thought it was cool to discover this new project on Kickstarter, Double Fine Adventure.  Apparently Ron has teamed up with Tim Schafer, and after not finding interest for a new point and click adventure game (looks like the old Humongous Entertainment games) from the big studios they decided to take the project to Kickstarter.  They managed to raise the $400,000 they are seeking to develop the game in 8 hours!  Currently, they are almost at a $1mil raised, with 33 days left to go.

I just may have to buy this game (I mean, support this Kickstarter campaign)!

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