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Monday, October 26, 2009

Ski Cruise 2009: Ski Antarctica

One week from today I'll be arriving in Ushuaia for Ski Cruise 2009, take 2 on the ski trip to Antarctica. After last years failure, I'm feeling very good about our prospects of getting down to Antarctica this year. Looking forward to seeing people I met on last year's trip and to making new friends!

The team meets up on 11/5 in Ushuaia for our 11/6 departure. I'm heading down a few days early to get a couple warm up days in skiing the Martial Glacier. Plus, always best to build a few extra days in pre-trip for any travel related delays, luggage issues, etc.

Our approximate route

Ushuaia from the Martial Glacier, 11/3/08

Powder turns on the Martial Glacier, 11/3/08

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