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Monday, June 29, 2009

Mt Shasta - Hotlum/Wintun Ridge - June 26-27, 2009

Drew and I had such a great ski last weekend that when Rick mentioned he had Friday off and would like to ski Shasta (he missed last week due to a meeting) and jumped at the chance to make one more trip! With a couple days on our hands we decided to camp on the mountain. It was a great trip, met up at the Hi Lo Motel in Weed, headed up the mountain to an amazing camping area, great skiing still above 10k, lots of suns (and suncups), a great dinner at Vivify in Mt Shasta City (who would have thought, great Organic Japanese food in Mt Shasta), and finished it off with a little relaxing at the Stewart Mineral Springs!

Rick packed for a week :)

This camping spot at 9600' is simply amazing. Flat, soft ground, and beautiful views. It would be the perfect place to land the alien spaceship.

Moon over Shasta

Heading up

And skiing down! Great summer corn!