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Sunday, January 13, 2008

8 Days of Freshies

Well, finally after 8 days of skiing freshies I need a break! Catch up on some sleep and watch a little football. Headed up to the Mt Rose Wilderness area from the summit on Friday. 1/2" crust in the north facing trees just above 9000 feet, not the greatest skiing. Did find a little soft snow in some trees with a NW aspect. Skiing back down to the car on the east aspect was actually pretty nice, warm enough that the crust had broken down in the open spaces.

Rick D and I headed up from the end of my road yesterday. It was snowing heavily, ended up getting a surprise 4 inches or so. I was AMAZED how good the snow was in the gully. Sierra Cement for sure, but very skiable, plenty worthy of taking a second lap!

Rick hugging my tracks on lap 1

Heading back up for another!

Snow looks pretty good to me!

Rick having fun!