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Monday, August 20, 2007


Hanging out at the Hilton in the Mexico City airport right now, meeting the Stenton clan tomorrow morning bright and early and heading to Villa del Topez Fuego for a few days before Steve's wedding. Hopefully we won't get washed out by Hurricane Dean, flights to Cancun are all cancelled.

I think I might have been the only gringo on the flight up from Santiago. It was kinda funny, you kinda get the feeling the folks on that plane don't fly very often. Everyone completely ignored boarding by row, finding the correct seat seemed to be a huge problem, and as soon as the plane landed and stopped for 30 seconds, everyone started standing up and opening the overheads, the flight attendants had to rush down the aisles and get everyone to sit down as we still had 5 minutes of taxing to go. Then I'd say about 30% of the people hadn't filled out their immigration documents.

Jorge Posada just hit a homerun, driving in A-Rod. Tied the game and good for the fantasy team :-)